light - object - emotion - composition

"I love to draw with light" - This simple line describes the best my passion for visual arts which involves both, artistic and technical skills, intended to produce aesthetic (fine art) artifacts with digital media. Even though I had tried out different visual art forms (starting with traditional art), I'm mostly active as photographer and digital artist. This way I'm in the position to, additionally, create sequential and conceptual art, as well as visual compositions, with various ideas and messages. I don't have a personal, unique style, rather an eclectic approach to fine arts, a kind of mixed styles called eclecticism or polystylism, which should not be misunderstood as academic art or syncretism. In ancient Greece, the term mimesis was used with the reference to the creation of works of art, with connection to the physical world understood as a model of beauty, truth and the good. However, the contemporary meaning of the word mimesis does not apply to the philosophical aspect behind my work, since I'm not an imitator or actor by nature. I was said to be a realist with strong attention to details.

The accurate representation of the visual appearance of things is mostly present in my photography (and some digital artworks), which embodies a form of reason, that is non-repressive and non-violent. However, every now and then, I do let my imagination a free flow, which results in simple or more complex compositions, with familiar or imaginary themes.

Geisha-Ningyo Feature

I'm happy to announce that my Geisha-Ningyo artwork from the Magical Mermaids series is featured by Affinity Tutorials.

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Art Design

bauhaus – geometry – topology - manifold

Geometry was one of my favorite parts of mathematics. It evolved independently following some basic (Euclidian) concepts and applications to the field of art and architecture. It has a strong influence in my work as apparel and home decor designer. Bauhaus has a strong approach to design which strives to combine beauty with usefulness and attempts to unify the principles of mass production with individual artistic vision. It was founded upon the idea of creating a total work of art, in which all the arts would be brought together. The inspiration for my designs stems from ancient, ethno and tribal motives. The work process ranges from elegant minimalism to serial art compositions.


apparel - home decor - accessoires - device cases - framed prints - canvases

Creating weirdly meaningful art for products that people love is the goal of every artist who decides to enter the waters of business industry. Besides creating designs, it is important to find a good POD platform whose products are responsibly produced and shipped. That includes also the quality of print and color, global print network, best prices, secure payments & local support.

Eligo Design works with leading companies who can fulfill all requirements of successful business and customer satisfaction.


New designs are added frequently. Check them out on Red Bubble, Threadless & Tee Public

Digital Art

3d art - photo manipulation - mixed media - character design

Next to digital painting, photo manipulation and vector art I'm also working with DAZ Studio, creating 3d characters and rendering full scenes in Iray or 3-delight. The main process involves basic morphing, skin textures, make up & face painting or body art. The goal is to create the most realistic actor. Such 3d characters are also used in photo manipulation or mixed media art, mostly for fantasy themes as japanese folklore, sword & sorcery and science fiction. Characters created by me are Geisha-Ningyos (Magical Mermaids), R.A.A.H. Female android humanoids and Japanese martial artists Miyuki and Toshiro. Elvira is an additional multifaceted Genesis 8 and Victoria 8 character morph which can be used for any purpose. She has, however, a huge passion for motor bikes.


macro - fine art - street - pure photography

I always liked to peek through a hole, especially at age of five, when I got a film camera with tapes that have had fairy tales themes for children. It was one of my fave toys ever. That one such "peeking" through a hole is important part of the photography, used for drawing and image captures, was another "discovery" many years later. I'm happy to have had the opportunity to practice with both - film and digital camera.

Fine art photography is not just recording realistic shots of subjects or scenes for personal or commercial purpose. It is creating art of magic with your camera. Pictorial images, that I'm working on, are a combination of pure and art photography that is produced to fulfill my creative vision, to express my perception and emotions, and to share them with others.